Dimitar Gotsak



He was born on May 9, 1966 in Montana (BULGARIA).


In 1985 graduated at High School of High Arts –Sofia, subject –wood-carving.
In 2001 graduated at The National Academy of Arts , subject- sculpture in the class of professor Boris Gondov.

Participated in the Exhibitions of The Association of artists “Tenets”- Montana, Has a lot of Exhibitions in Montana. Participated in the plein-airs of wood - carving in Barzia, Montana and plein-airs which are a part of Holiday of Montana - “Saint Spirit” and plein-airs of painted ceramic.

He is a organizer of the first edition of the Plein-airs of painted ceramic ”From 11 to 77”.

He made in 2001 the Petar Bogdan Bakshev Monument in Chiprovtsi and High Language School “Petar Bogdan” in Montana. He made in 2004 The Volodya Monument in Vinogradets Village, Pazardzhik, The Levski Monument in Berkovitsa- in 2007. Chavdar Antov and he made wood-carving “Tree of life”(from Radichkov story)- 2007.

His works are displayed in the Art Gallery “Ciryl Petrov”– Montana and in private collections throughout France, Germany, USA, South Africa, Russia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro, Great Britain, The Republic of Indonesia, Netherlands, Greece.